Deeper Contract Visibility with Artificial Intelligence

Smart Contract Analytics (SCA) is a comprehensive contract analytics platform powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. The platform provides 360-degree insights from legacy contracts and other similar documents using OCR and NLP techniques and further helps organizations extract, review and analyse critical information from executed contracts.

SCA works as an intelligent layer on top of the current contract management processes and delivers deeper visibility and insights across the contract repository.

About Docskiff

How we can benefit your Organization

How we can benefit your Organization


Legal teams can do quick and efficient contract review, compare contracts and clauses with standard templates to recognise deviations.



Procurement personnel can organize vendor contracts, understand payment terms across vendors and contracts, and identify key risks.

Why Choose Smart Contract Analytics?

Automated Clause Analysis
Automated Clause Analysis
intelligent contract compare
Intelligent Contract Compare
Document Classification and Lineage
Document Classification and Lineage
quick contract reviews
Quick Contract Reviews
extensive global contract search
Extensive Global Contract Search
Contract Insights & Reporting Dashboard
Contract Insights & Reporting Dashboard
Metadata Extraction
Metadata Extraction
Central Contract Repository
Central Contract Repository

How Smart Contract Analytics works

import contracts

Import Documents

Discover and import contracts from multiple data sources using readily available adaptors.

AI based extraction

AI Based Extraction

Extract key terms, clauses and phrases from contracts using OCR and NLP techniques.

contract repository

Contract Repository

Build a seamless and fully searchable digital contract repository.

insights & analytics

Insights & Analytics

Derive meaningful insights, reports and analytics across the contract repository.

Easy Integration with your Business

No matter how you are managing your business and your contracts, we will provide full integration with your current IT environment.

Live Webinar

Intelligent Contract Processing with AI and ML

Contracts are central to any business relationship and typically reasonable sized enterprises have multiple and distributed contract repositories with minimal control on the key metadata buried in those contracts. Inspite of using digital contract platforms there are gaps and inefficiencies in the contracting process especially when it comes to contract reviews and this can lead to sufficient risk for the organization.

Listen to our experts discuss how our AI and ML based contract intelligence platform can help organizations like yours stay on top and be ahead of the risks associated with unmanaged and untracked contracts.

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Siva Pullabhotla

Co-Founder & CEO
Docskiff Inc

Lana Leiva

National Sales Director
Docskiff Inc

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