We are Docskiff

Driving Digital transformation in contracts and improving
organization efficiency using AI and ML technologies


Part of Standav Corporation, a global service provider creating, and delivering business and technology solutions focused on CRM, CLM, QTC and Data Analytics.


Focused on providing technology solutions and product engineering services using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and related technology stack.


Developed an automated data migration plug-in / tool to digitize and extract meta data from legacy contract documents to Apttus CLM.


Started developed a full-fledged AI and ML powered Smart Contract Analytics platform to perform end to end data extraction, contract review, compare and a lot more.


Evolved as a full-fledged SaaS platform in the Global Contract Analytics software market.


Enhanced the Platform with some niche modules like Clause scoring, Classification / Lineage etc. Acquired a few Fortune 500 customers.


Spin off as another independent entity “Docskiff” and focus on scaling our growth.

Empowering Contract Management with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Digital Transformation is the most happening thing out there and depending on the size and type of organization it is playing a key role in automating few business processes across the organization.

When it comes to contract management people from different departments especially the legal and procurement folks are always on the edge trying to review contracts and its related documents to figure out the most important obligations and the associated risks, deviations from standard templates especially when accepting third party paper. With more than 50% of organizations still having legacy contracts and understanding what is inside these legacy contracts being important, it becomes inevitable for organizations to adopt contract intelligence platforms like Smart Contract Analytics.

Secured central contract repository

TEAMLeading from the front

Relentless in their efforts to set new benchmarks, our leaders are team players, as much as they are torchbearers.

Siva Pullabhotla

Co-Founder & CEO

Harsha Reddy


Naren Yanamadala


Lana Leiva

National Sales Director

Laxmikanth Katheragandla

VP of Engineering

Sudheer Sivapuram

VP Digital Strategy & Marketing

Bhagat Channamallu

Technical Manager

Sharan Salokye

Engineering Manager - Data Science

To understand how Smart Contract Analytics can help you reduce your day to day contractual pain points and save your time, resources and money.