AI and Deep Learning Algorithms

combined to extract key meta data and derive meaningful insights
from your Legacy and Third-party contracts.

Secured central contract repository

Secured Central Contract Repository

Smart Contract Analytics helps any organization that has distributed contract storage sources combined with legacy / paper-based contracts to build a fully automated digital contract repository.

  • Ready connectors / adapters to most storage platforms like SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, SFTP and more for automatic import of contracts.
  • Integrate with your IT systems and environment using Single Sign on.
  • Highly secured and encrypted with AWS hosted environment.
  • Facility to upload documents directly to the platform.
OCR and ML powered extraction engine

OCR and ML Powered Extraction Engine

Using advanced and sophisticated OCR technology combined with Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contract Analytics extracts key metadata and clauses from the contracts. The platform is also powered with a integrated quality assurance workflow for data validation by knowledge workers.

  • Extraction of data includes deadlines, values, termination, penalties and other critical information to improve compliance and reduce risk.
  • Ability to review and correct extracted data from OCR Process.
Robust NLP powered contract search

Robust NLP Powered Contract Search

Get deeper visibility into your contracts by being able to search for keywords, clauses and contract terms across your contract repository in seconds. Moreover, the NLP powered semantic search helps legal teams to quickly get to what they want to review.

  • Solr based elastic search to find contract documents based on presence or absence of a keyword.
  • Search contracts based on multiple parameters.
  • Possibility to add Smart Tags to your contracts making search easy and focused.
  • With semantic search, one can find occurrences of the primary keyword in a contract along with occurrences of words related to the primary keyword.
Intelligent contract compare

Intelligent Contract Compare

Legal departments need to continuously review and evaluate the risk by analysing contract deviations from standard templates. Smart Contract Analytics has built-in AI models to intelligently compare contracts in seconds and highlight deviations saving an immense amount of manual review time.

  • Contract can be compared with standard template or another executed contract to highlight deviations like missing text, clause changes, additions and deletions, formatting changes etc.
  • Ability to compare at clause level to review any non-standard provisions.
  • Export the deviations as Excel for offline review.
Contract Analytics dashboard

Analytics Dashboard and Reporting

Top Management of any organization need a visual contract analytics dashboard showcasing key contract data to drive additional insights. Smart Contract Analytics platform has an in-built out of the box Analytics and Reporting Dashboard.

  • Showcase most important contract centric data like contracts expiring in the next 30-60-90 days, contracts that have an auto renewal clause, contracts having signed amendments etc.
  • Ability to create custom analytics dashboards and reports based on particular organization needs.

To understand how Smart Contract Analytics can help you reduce your day to day contractual pain points and save your time, resources and money.