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Wins Spring 2021 Top Perform award in eDiscovery from SourceForge

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Docskiff among the top players of global contract analytics market

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Bring Contracts to Life with AI and ML

Many companies struggle with the management of their contracts after they are executed. It’s not only where the contracts are being stored, it’s accessing the information in them without having to scan though with the human eye. Companies accumulate so much data in contracts. Yet it’s not in a format that allows them to analyze it, so they can take actions to reduce risk or impact the bottom line of a company. AI and ML can help do this.

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Siva Pullabhotla

Co-Founder & CEO
Docskiff Inc

Lana Leiva

National Sales Director
Docskiff Inc

To understand how Smart Contract Analytics can help you reduce your day to day contractual pain points and save your time, resources and money.