Intelligent Contract Processing
with AI and ML


On-Demand Webinar - 45 minutes

Intelligent Contract Processing with AI and ML

Contracts are central to any business relationship and typically reasonable sized enterprises have multiple and distributed contract repositories with minimal control on the key metadata buried in those contracts. Inspite of using digital contract platforms there are gaps and inefficiencies in the contracting process especially when it comes to contract reviews and this can lead to sufficient risk for the organization.

Listen to our experts discuss how our AI and ML based contract intelligence platform can help organizations like yours stay on top and be ahead of the risks associated with unmanaged and untracked contracts.

What will you learn from this Webinar

  • Challenges and risks associated with poorly managed contracts.
  • How Contract AI is helpful for different stake holders of the enterprise.
  • How AI significantly helps in reducing the time to review contracts.
  • Identifying and mitigating risks using AI
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Siva Pullabhotla

Co-Founder & CEO
Docskiff Inc

Lana Leiva

National Sales Director
Docskiff Inc

To understand how Smart Contract Analytics can help you reduce your day to day contractual pain points and save your time, resources and money.