The Power of Artificial Intelligence
for Legal Ops


On-Demand Webinar - 50 minutes

What if your legal teams can spend time on much higher value tasks and adopt AI based solutions for day-to-day management of contracts?

Legal operations in any corporation are always on edge trying to review contracts and related documents to figure out the most important obligations, and deviations from standard templates especially when accepting third party paper. For most organizations, the review process is manual, time consuming, and heavily inefficient.

In this webinar learn how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have dramatically changed the way contracts can be reviewed saving time and manual efforts for the legal operations.

Docskiff will show how the Smart Contract Analytics Platform uses AI and ML to:

  • Automate contract reviews quickly and efficiently
  • Compare third-party contracts with standard templates and produce deviation scorecards.
  • Notify users of important events and reduce risk
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Siva Pullabhotla

Co-Founder & CEO
Docskiff Inc

Lana Leiva

National Sales Director
Docskiff Inc

To understand how Smart Contract Analytics can help you reduce your day to day contractual pain points and save your time, resources and money.